Monday, February 19, 2018

medina life

medina life

A trip to Marrakech on your travel bucket list?

But you rather not travel alone? This is your chance!
With a group of super nice participants from all over the world, you will have the time of your life!
During the Cool Crochet workshop, you stay in the green oasis, hotel Chambres d'Amis, in the middle of the Medina in Marrakech.
You will discover the colorful city in a very special, authentic and adventurous way.
We will bring you to the most wonderful places and yes, we will crochet 'in between' in the coolest places.
How about a daytrip to the Atlas Mountains? Or crochet a bikini top in the middle of the desert?
Furthermore we take you to wool heaven in the Souk (don't forget to save some space in your suitcase, to bring wool from the Souk)

Click H E R E for more information and send me a mail, if you think this is about you.

We'll be back in Marrakech, 8 weeks from now...

Friday, February 16, 2018

retro woodwoolstool

woodwoolstool bamboo daybed

At the moment I'm working on a pair of 'good old' traditional woodwoolstools.

Have not been making them for a long, long time in this 'old-fashioned' way (it's how I started more than 10 years ago), until a request came last week.

I still have to make the scrap wood stools, so I tested the handmade woolen case on another stool.
...and where would the color inspiration come from?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

cool crochet project in green & pink

cool crochet project in green & pink cool crochet project in green & pink

Working on a new cool crochet project in green & pink.

This wool mixture with bright color spots, coming from an old local wool wholesale in the medina, where we always buy our wool supplies for the cool crochet workshop, is by far my favorite yarn to work with. It's soft and has a tweed effect and the colors are gorgeous.

Currently I'm working on a new project for the workshop in Marrakech in April. It's a herringbone pattern.

I made a pillow in the same pattern (white & golden yellow) a while ago and now I'm trying to crochet and write the pattern at the same time. The herringbone effect is super nice, seems more complicated than it is and I also love the wrong side of the work. Somehow it looks more appealing and interesting.

I often like the wrong side of crochet fabric... Is it a deviation or do you think so too?

Monday, February 12, 2018

broom branch & cotton caftan

black striped kaftan black striped kaftan

A handmade broom from my last visit to Yves' garden in Marrakech.

Way too big to stick in my herbarium, during the Green Gardens workshop.

The dried date palm branch, is still used everywhere in Marrakech to sweep the streets.
Although it is not a practical object to bring home in your suitcase, I did it anyway.
The broom was twice as thick, but I left half of it with my dear friend Ank at Chambres d'Amis in Marrakech.
My half is a cool decoration in the hallway and sometimes I even use it to remove the leaves, that sneak in through the front door in the hallway.

I also brought some kaftans from Morocco last October, for those who need a kaftan in their lives...

The black striped cotton kaftan on the coat rack, is for sale in my S H O P (the last ones)
During the colder months, it's comfortable to wear at home and perfect stylish loungewear after a bath or shower.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

marrakech calling

marrakech april 2015 marrakech october 2016 marrakech october 2017 marrakech may 2017 cool crochet workshop marrakech april 2016 marrakech october 2016 marrakech october 2017 marrakech april 2016 marrakech october 2016 marrakech october 2016 marrakech april 2016 chambres d'amis marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2016 marrakech may 2017

Can't wait to feel the sun and experience spring in Marrakech!

The colors in April are so fresh and green! And besides, the view of the snowy Atlas Mountains will be spectacular this time, because there is a lot of snow in the mountains.

Treat yourself (and your friend, sister, soulmate) to a magical Marrakech spring journey!

COOL CROCHET WORKSHOP from Wednesday 11th of April 2018 - Monday 16th of April 2018

Six days in Marrakech! Crochet while discovering Marrakech and surroundings in a very special and unique way. Price € 725,00 per person.
The price is based on a shared twin bedroom and excluding flight ticket.
It's always possible to book extra nights, before or after the workshop (
- transfer from airport Marrakech to Riad Chambres d'Amis (v.v.)
- shared twin bedroom (5 nights) including breakfast in Chambres d'amis. (no single rooms available)
- 3 dinners & 4 lunches (drinks are not included)
- a daily crochet project with yarns, hooks and patterns
- all excursions in and around Marrakech

Buying wool, cotton and yarns in the souk. Urban jungle crochet at Jardin Majorelle. Crochet in the desert. Moroccan crochet in the open on the colourful Place des Epices. A daytrip to the Atlas mountains. Crochet on the roof of Maison de Photographie with it's wonderful view of the town... Delicious moroccan food and adventures in and around Marrakech make this travel-workshop never-to-be-forgotten!

This workshop is a real treat for yarn lovers. An adventurous journey, you can make on your own, while you will be 'pampered' and only have to enjoy and relax.

SPRING COOL CROCHET WORKSHOP arrival: Wednesday 11th of April 2018 - leaving: Monday 16th of April 2018
AUTUMN COOL CROCHET WORKSHOP arrival: Wednesday 3rd of October 2018 - leaving: Monday 8th of October 2018 (fully booked)

We start with a welcome dinner on the rooftop of Chambres d'Amis on the first night of the workshops.

If you would like to join one of the workshops, please send me an e-mail (

Both workshops are a collaboration with my friend Ank van der Pluijm, owner of hotel CHAMBRES D'AMIS, oasis in the Medina of Marrakech and our wonderful green 'basecamp' during the workshops.

(Besides the Cool Crochet Marrakech workshops, we also organize two Green Gardens workshops in April and October 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

tulips join the book table

vintage tulip chairs vintage tulip chairs

Vintage tulip arm chairs by ? at the book table.

The iron table was my former worktable & home desk, now serving as a book table for quite a while and it’s chock full with our favorite books and (interior) magazines.

Joining the iron table is the best spot for the newest vintage design furniture.
I think we will take the tulip chairs outside, by the time the garden doors can be opened again. There even is a small water drain hole in the seats, so it's suitable as outdoor furniture as well.

I really like the new peek into living room, from every corner and paired with just the right amount of houseplants, books and the oak herringbone floor. I'm in love with this place...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven eindhoven

Sunday in Eindhoven.

Vintage hunting with friends at LOODS 040 in Eindhoven.

Between all the unique pieces, I spotted a set of 3 vintage tulip chairs.
Only for sale as a set, so I suggested my friends to join me to make a deal.
Marieke agreed right away to buy one chair and I 'didn't mind' to take the other two chairs. Everyone happy!

We made a "Wie van de Drie" photo (the Dutch version of the American television quiz "To Tell the Truth" from the 80-s), although my younger friends didn't know the quiz and set with the tulip chairs for the panel and participants...
We had so much fun nonetheless, Mick acted as the quizmaster in the background...

It was freezing cold in the warehouse, so we left for lunch at Pien Hein Eek, to recover from the cold.

After lunch we went for inspiration to the shop & showroom and we visited an exhibition of Jan van der Ploeg in the gallery upstairs.
In short, we had a wonderful day together.

Monday morning I cleaned the vintage arm chairs (all ugly scratches, stickers and dirt went off) and in next blogpost I will show you, how perfect they are at the reading table.

Although they are not the original Tulip Arm Chairs by Eero Saarinen, they sure are lookalikes, but I haven't found out yet, who the designer is...
Anyone a clu?